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Old Antique Chinese Rice Buckets
Thanks to Sue from Dallas, TX. for this outstanding Plant Stand that mirrors her beautiful home!

Thanks to Sue from Dallas, TX., we are able to take Plant Stands to other dimensions.  Sue used Old Chinese Rice Buckets that she aquired at Canton Trade Days, Canton,TX.  She caulked the inside seams and circle at the bottom of each bucket.  Next, Sue drilled 3/4 inch holes in the middle bottom of each bucket. Using thin flexable plastic, she cut (with sisscors) and lined the circular inside of each bucket.  This is to keep potting soil or water from seeping out of the sides of the buckets. After the plant stand was set in the bottom bucket, rock was added for weight (half full of rock).  White packing peanuts were then added to the three remaining buckets to help reduce weight at the top of the plant stand. Sue planted each bucket and slid them on sideways.  What a "Clever Idea"!!! 


Fall Pumkin stand
This eye catching Pumpkin Stand was created by Susan, Wichita, KS.

The Pumpkin Stand is a very simple and inexpensive stand to make.  A 12 inch standard clay pot was painted orange and used for the bottom pot.  Place the plant stand in the bottom pot and add something for weight. A bag of sand was used to stablized this Pumpkin Stand. Four plastic pumpkins were used to decorate this stand. Cut of break off the stem of the first pumpkin. Drill a hole in the middle of the first pumpkin and slide it on flat.  Holes were drilled in the other 3 pumpkins at a forty five degree angle and leaned the opposite direction.  A scarecrow hid the remaining top of the plant stand.  Ribbon decorates the top lip of the bottom pot, and small fall decorations with stems filled the remaining gaps of the bottom pot.


Pastel Sring Plant Stand
Spring Plantstand was created by Debbie, Kansas City, MO.

Pastel colors mirror the beauty of this Plant Stand.  These clay pots were painted with American Accents spray paint from Lowes Hardware.  "One coat of primer to help cover blemishes, followed by two coats of the pastel color. Last, to help seal the paint on the pots, a coat of clear sealer was used.  All of the paint used was quick drying, so there was no delay once in the spraying". This "Spring Plant Stand" by Debbie from Kansas City,  Looks terrific!! 

Christmas package display.
This beautiful Christmas Plantstand was created by Lily, Sherman, TX.

Change your Amazing Plant Stand for all Seasons.  This Christmas Stand consisted of a 12 inch clay pot for the bottom followed by 3 square eight  inch boxes(8 x 8 x8). Smaller boxes can be used at the top if desired.  The Plant Stand sets inside the 12 inch pot.  A small amount of rock or sand(put in trash bags) needs to be added to the bottom pot for stability. The bottom pot was painted red, and decorated with Christmas ribbon around the top edge.  After wrapping the presents, the first present had holes punched in the middle of the box and it slid down the plant stand remaining flat. The next two presents had holes punched in the corners and were leaned in the opposite direction.  Bows were placed on each package.  A snowman was then placed on the top the plant stand.  Artificial pointsettes were place around the open area at the top of the bottom pot.

Moms' perfect Plant Stand!

What a beautiful Plant Stand!  Ruth used aged clay pot which enhance the look of her Plant Stand.  The hearty plants she used held their own in these North Texas winters. Because her porch is so small this allows her to have a Flower Garden in a small area! It's also an interesting conversation piece! An assortment of ivy and cat tails create an exotic look that makes her Plant Stand special.


Beautiful black and gray metal Bathroom Stand!

The Bathroom Stand was created by using metal buckets purchased from Lowes Hardware.  Place the plant stand in the bottom bucket and add rock for stability. Drill holes in the remaining buckets using a half inch drill bit.  Slide the buckets on and lean them the opposite direction.  Any and all bathroom products can be used in this stand. What a neat idea for small bathrooms! 

Amazing Plant Stand by the Pool

What a special place for an Amazing Plant Stand!  The plant stand blends with other flowers and enhances the pool deck. Your friends and neighbors will be mistified and can only imagine how you secretly built your plant stand. The secret of course will be in your hands.  Super glue if you wish!